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Counterfeiting problem solutions

In the early days of civilization, there was no money. If you needed or wanted something that someone else possessed, you would have to barter for it. If you didn’t have anything the other party valued, you were out of luck. The concept of currency quickly became an important part of every society. Something that held value for everyone, and could be exchanged for goods or services anywhere.

Counterfeit Money Detectors

Of course, it didn’t take long for someone to realize that the value was based on a promise, not on the actual worth of the material representing the value. Especially paper money. If a person could duplicate the currency, the cost of materials was minute compared to the face value. Counterfeiting quickly became a highly profitable crime. That was actually the sole purpose why the Secret Service was founded in 1865. A large amount of counterfeit money introduced into the economy could bring down the entire financial system.

Counterfeiting is still a high priority for the government, but even more so for the private companies that are left holding the bag when phony money surfaces. Whoever is in possession at the time of detection is responsible. iTestCash was established in 2007 as one of the first companies to provide the general public with the technology to catch the bogus bills before they make it into the till. Who hasn’t seen the cashier at the gas station pull out that little marker and scribble a quick line over that large denomination bill? It’s quick, inexpensive and easy. More elaborate equipment, like the Counterfeit Detector Machine, is available that can also count money as it screens for fraudulent bills. Be safe, not sorry, and visit:

Counterfeit bill detection is just the beginning. iTestCash carries a complete line of products that can be used for all needs relating to money. Checking the validity of ID’s, checks, and credit cards can now be done quickly and accurately. They even have machines that have the ability to verify Euros, British pound, Japanese Yen, and more. From paper shredders to key cabinets, money boxes, and safes, iTestCash supplies only the highest quality products. Their clients include banks, high profile stores, police departments, and casinos around the globe.

Of course, the product is only as good as the people who sell it. At iTestCash, customer service is a top priority for the entire staff. You can be assured that any questions or concerns will be dealt with in a prompt, professional manner. Customer response and feedback are welcomed and encouraged.